Living for and by the lover of my soul; Jesus.

I am fascinated by the interrelationship between different art forms and seeks out new ways to outwork that creativity and collaborate with other like-minded individuals.

I believe the desire to create it is innately woven into every human being on planet earth.

My understanding thus far is that we are all highly creative human beings because we were made in the image of a highly creative God. Look at the detail and intricacy of a butterflies wings, the various glorious hues the sun makes as it sets and rises each morning, the movement a flower makes as it goes from bud into full bloom.

It is my belief in God whom I believe to be the creator of all things that by knowing Him, I see beauty in everything and my pursuit on this short time on planet earth is to glorify He who gave me the gift of using my hands to create.

To inspire you, to ignite hope and cause you to see the beauty all around us that I believe He has given us to enjoy and know Him by.

Originally from Sydney, I am now currently based in Brisbane as of early 2019. (wild)

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